How long does it take?

Generally speaking a small to medium repair can take anywhere from 30 mins to a couple of hours. There have been large and complex dents that have taken a whole day. Hail repairs could take anywhere between a day or even up to 5 days depending on factors. Hail repairs with a conventional repair or replacement could take up to 10 working days in some cases.

How much does it cost?

This amount varies on each type of dent, size, position, metal type, accessibility shape etc. If you have multiple dents on each panel or a whole car to tidy up the dent price is then discounted its invariably cheaper than conventional repair sometimes by up to as much as a 50-70% saving.

What are the benefits?

Reducing repair times. Reducing repair costs, No filler or paint -keeping original paintwork and colour No colour matching or having to paint other panels a part of the painting process(ever see a door a darker or lighter shade)
Environmentally friendly, Discount on multiple panels, vehicles and referrals.
email……… or sms picture/photo to ………. for a starting estimate we are competitive but the focus is on a quality repair and service.

Where can it be done?

We have a fixed location in Wangara and can arrange an appointment. We can pickup and Deliver your vehicle. If you prefer we provide mobile service at home or work providing you have an undercover area to work in. We also travel country side for hailstorm management.

Can you repair my garage door or fridge ?

Sadly NO although I have had some luck repairing my own fridge dents the metal in garage doors and fridges are a lot different to those of car metal and with a fridge the dents are not accessible from behind. So we sadly give them a miss

Will my Insurance Cover It

Most repairs will be cheaper than your excess, in the event that it is not such as a Hail or larger repair, we’ll be more than happy to contact your insurance company, provided we have a claim number and preferred insurance contact name, we deal with many insurance companies its not a problem .
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